Dear Sir/ Madam,

Welcome to PLASTINDIA 2018 and thank you for taking interest in participating in the exhibition.

As you must be aware, the government of India has adopted a new taxation regime of a singular tax called GST. We are currently migrating our accounting systems to make them compliant with the new GST laws and request your kind co-operation.

To facilitate your space/ booth requirement, Please fill in the form below, our marketing team will email/ call you as soon as we have your enquiry to help you further with the booth space estimation and facilitation, we expect the transition of our accounting and space booking systems to be completed by 18th July 2017 and we would be happy to welcome you back to allow you to do this online.

In the meanwhile, please do fill the details given below, you can also write to us at incase of any clarifications.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you at your booth at PLASTINDIA 2018

Best Regards

Marketing Team